Best 5 Way to Rank Fast in Google-(2020)

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Best 5 Way to Rank fast in Google (2020)


In 2020 it’s Not easy for Rank in your Targeted Niche or Keyword.

But today I’m gonna Break down all those problem.

Today I’m gonna share with you,


  • How to choose low completion keyword.
  • How to index full website easily.
  • How to make website fast load .
  • How to Rank Fast in Google With White Hat Technique.
  • What’s the best Free Seo tool for my Website

So Let’s get Start it


#1 How to choose low Competition Keyword?

It’s  one of the most important and effective Thing for Rank fast in Google.


If you choose the low competition keyword you are gonna rank fast otherwise you are not gonna do well .


You can use the Keyword Everywhere Extension it’s very useful to choose the correct keyword. Most of the Seo Expert
use the Extension But it has a problem that it’s a paid tool.


But you can use the WMS Everywhere Extension .It’s full free Extension and it work’s like all the paid tool’s .


It will show you the monthly  Search volume of any keyword that was Search in Google.


That’s how you can choose the best keyword for your Website.


#2 How to Index full Website Easily?

After create Website you have to make  sure that your Website indexed in Google Successfully.


Because All the Seo Expert Say’s that
“If  your Website isn’t indexed in Google you’re not gonna find your Website and not Gonna Rank in Google”.
so how to index full website properly? 
  •  If you are using a WordPress website then Gust Install a Plugin Name Google Site Kit .And then Just set up the Plug in Setting. 
  • You can also go to the Website of Google name Google Search Console ,then just sign in with your G-mail account and then add your website link, Then copy the html link and paste it your Website Search Appearance  option of Yoast Seo or Rank Math Plugin .


After Do these work then it will just do a verification and then you have to admit your Website sitemap in the site map option . Then your Website will indexed in google with in 48 hours.


#3 How to make Website Fast load ?

If your  website take more than 3 second to load then you’re  gonna  lost almost 70% of your Visitor.
It’s a major fact of Google Ranking, Because the bounce rate of your website is gonna increase that Google will swich your position in Google Search Result .
So How to solve the problem ? It’s easy you just have to do,
  • At first you have to check your site speed. You can Check your site speed in Google Page Speed or Gt Metrix. All those are  Free to check site Speed.
  • After check your site speed you will able to see the error or the thing’s that is make your site speed slow. You have to solve all those problems.  
  • You  can add your website to a CDN that will make your Website Fast load.

That’s how you can make your website Fast load.


#4 How to Rank in Google With White Hat Technique ?

You can Rank in Google White, Black and Gray Hat Technique. But you wouldn’t able to rank permanently with Black or Gray hat Technique. Because Google didn’t like any Website or Blog that Rank in Black or Gray Hat Technique.
That’s we are Gonna follow the White Hat Technique. In that way you  have to do,
  • You have to do Alt Text all the image’s that are used in your Website.
  • You have to  optimize all the page’s and Post’s Title , Image’s ,Keyword and Meta Description.
  • You have to try to make your website Unique and make your Website with out any kind of Spam or Duplicate Content.

 If you follow all those step’s your website’s Gonna Fast in Google.


#5 What’s  the Best Free Seo tool for my Website ?

IN 2020  It’s very Difficult for anyone to Rank in Google without Using Seo tool.
So we’re gonna start with Free Seo tool. 
  • WMS Every where is a free Seo tool that will help you to find the best keywird for your Website.
  • Webmaster  is also a free Seo tool that will help you to Index your Website in Google , See the Organic Traffic of your website also show the Specific traffic of  any Page or Blog or Product.
  • Google Page Speed , GT Metrix is That kind of Free tool that will Show you  the Site Speed of your Website. It Also show the Error’s that are making site slow.
  • Rank Math SEO , Yoast SEO are one of the best Free Seo tool for Your WP Website. These Free Tool Will Show you All the Ranking Factor of your Website for any Page’s of Blog’s Or Product. It will also show you the Score or the Chance of your Ranking.
  • Uber Suggest is one of the best free seo tool for your Website. It Will show you All the Seo Fact that you need to know. In a Word it’s The Best Free Seo tool for any Website.